Karl Theiss,
artisan woodworker

Contemporary furniture and decorative
objects in wood

Woodworking has been a tradition for many generations in my family. This family environment gave me a passion for wood.

I've been working with wood since I was twelve years old. First, as a woodturner, then making models and items from comic books. Then, I broadened my work into making contemporary furniture (bookcases, bedrooms, fitted kitchens, cupboards, etc.).

I work based on drawings that I design myself or based on plans provided by my customers.

The materials I use are solid wood, board with a veneer or laminate surface, plywood, melamine and painted MDF and HI-MACS You can also use panels with a reduced formaldehyde content.

To provide contrasts, these materials can be combined with other materials, such as concrete, steel, aluminium or glass.

Karl Theiss

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