Items from comic books

Creation in wood of items from comic books

We offer a variety of decorative items from the world of comic books.

Le Rail

Comic book item in wood - Le Rail album vehicle

Dimensions of the box: 20 x 23 x 75 cm

Vehicle from the "Le Rail" album by C. Renard and F. Schuiten. Limited edition: 100 examples

The vehicle is in cherry and the track in wenge. The wooden box serves as both packaging and a display pedestal and has a superb brass inlay.
Inside the box is a beautiful lithograph by C. Renard and F. Schuiten, signed and numbered from 1 to 120.

Skyscraper Armilia (lamp)

Comic book item in wood - Skyscraper

Dimensions: 27 x 67 x 27 cm

Limited edition: 20 examples

Skyscraper: in wenge, marquetry in walnut.
Base in ebony, satellites in wenge.
On the top and inside: illuminations.

Sold out.

Orrery of the dark worlds

Comic book item in wood - Orrery of the dark worlds

Dimensions: 46 x 41 x 41 cm

Limited edition: 24 examples

The frame is in wenge and in walnut.
The satellites are in beech, ash, walnut and ebony. The planet is in apple.
The hand wheel, needle and driving mechanism are in brass.

Sold out.


Comic book item in wood - Galaxy

Dimensions: 33 x 56 x 33 cm

Limited edition: 8 examples

Sculpture in bronze, dodecahedron in rosewood.

The mechanism drives the two openwork shutters, which can be completely drawn back into the hemisphere, at the same time the dodecahedron turns on itself.

Items from comic books

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