Wooden sculptures and models


Electric bicycle for 3 people

Design by Luc Schuiten.

Wooden bodywork by Karl Theiss.

Kinetic scuplture - Manta ray

Manta ray design by Luc Schuiten.

Construction work of the manta ray by Karl Theiss.

Motorisation design and construction by Karl Theiss.

This video was made during the Luc Schuiten's exhibition in La Saline Royale à Arc- et- Senans in France (2018).


EU sustainable public transport award

EU sustainable public transport award

Crafting of the model awarded to the winner of the best European sustainable public transport project.

Espo Award

Espo Award 2009

Since 2009, The European Sea Ports Organisation has awarded the EspoAward each year. This award goes to the European port which has improved either its integration into the town or its socialisation with the local population.

Expo 2000 in Hanover

Expo 2000 Hanover, model
Expo 2000 Hanover, model
Expo 2000 Hanover, model
Expo 2000 Hanover, model

These four models were on the stand of the Province of Liège in the Belgian area at the Expo 2000 in Hanover and represent the means of transport in the province of Liège.

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