A craftsman passionate about woodworking

Karl Theiss has worked passionately with wood for many years, comfortably settled in his workshop in Alleur (in the region of Liège). His experience and boundless imagination make Karl Theiss a craftsman who is well-known in the manufacture of custom made contemporary furniture:

Karl Theiss creations sometimes combine different materials. Furniture in wood and concrete is an excellent example of a successful combination, these pieces of furniture have a very contemporary look.

Karl Theiss designs objects related to comic books, his passion for the eighth art allows him to make beautiful objects such the orrery of dark worlds (in collaboration with F. Schuiten).

With wooden models that encourage children's imaginative play, Karl Theiss creates dreams for children and parents alike with his well thought out and strong games that will withstand any tests.

Do you want a personalised coffee table or to have an item made out of wood? Karl Theiss makes various wooden objects: from furniture to models.

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